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Because memories matter

Take your memories and media with you anywhere you go. Back up and categorise unlimited media, with no loss of quality on download. Images, audio, video, text and documents; all in one simple place. All free.

Unlimited media storage

Involve others

Connect with loved ones on Storii to let them view and contribute to your profile. Create shared folders and pool your content together, so you never miss a moment.

Contribute to shared folders

Connect with loved ones in care

Storii has been built so all of the family can get involved. For those that may not be able to use Storii themselves, an account can be created and managed securely on their behalf.

Easily link your Storii account to a loved one in care anywhere in the world using our sister platform, StoriiCare.

Connect to loved ones in care with StoriiCare
Dementia and independant living

A little about Storii


Our Founder first came up with the idea for Storii and StoriiCare after observing how photos could evoke memories for those living with Dementia during a stay in hospital. After finding no effective way to help carers and families interact with those in care, he decided to create his own.

Our mission

We strive to ensure that memories and stories are not lost, that families stay in touch and that those who struggle with technology are catered for, not forgotten. Our mission is to provide a secure and easy way to store memories that have the potential to help improve quality of life.

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We make recording care easier, so your time can be better spent with those in need

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